Nicholas Roerich

Third floor of Roerich Museum.

Nicholas Roerich was a painter, a poet, a travel writer, a set/costume designer, and became a follower of various forms of Tibetan spirituality. I knew going into his tiny museum that he and Madame Blavatsky and the infamous Gurdjieff were pioneers of the theosophist movement at the time, and I will not lie, they had some very odd ideas, odd enough that H.P. Lovecraft references Roerich’s art in “The Mountains of Madness”, and I was astonished to learn there are still Roerich Theosophy societies around the world. Who knew?

Roerich’s other main claim to fame is that, after WWI, he was so appalled at the destruction of important art works, historical monuments, and sites that he wrote the Roerich Pact which states that the preservation of important cultural sites aMore