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A Delicate Hour

Winter is in the air. The temperatures are not yet cold, a little above zero. But you can taste what’s coming, and now that we lose the sun, temperatures get lower at night. We have had frost. Today I was walking along the river, and I saw ice. I scrambled out into the river bed to look.

Ephemeral Landscape

I often joke that I photograph landscapes because they move slowly enough that I can capture them. This isn’t really true. While (in general) the features of landscape don’t change, the light does, and it can change fast. There are plenty of shots I miss simply because I’m not in the right place at the …

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The Process of Painting Drift Ice: Loss and Change

Deciding to paint twenty meters (sixty-five feet) of canvas with small white dots is not to be taken lightly. My studio isn’t large enough to spread out five meters of canvas, never mind twenty. Also, there’s no art supply store in Longyearbyen. While in most small towns you can drive to the next largest town …

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