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The Last Year

We are well into the year and I think it is time to say that this will be my last year on Svalbard. As the great American philosopher, Kenny Rogers, once said, “You have to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, and know when to walk away.” It is my time […]

A Farewell to Darkness

In the years that I have lived on Svalbard I have often described the passage of the year as being more like one long day than a year with seasons. One with weeks of sunrise and sunset, and months of night and day. Of course this is not truly accurate either. In fact, I’m not […]

The Lure of Abandoned Places

It sometimes seems that photos of abandoned places litter the internet, or at least FB. Abandoned hotels, factories, homes. Ghost towns, theaters, mining camps. If humans lived there, then left, we want to photograph it. We are more interested in these momento mori than we were in their time as an actively in-use building. I […]

Cyanotype: The Arctic Blue

Cyanotypes are one of the earliest methods for putting a photographic image on paper. Sir John Herschel experimented in 1842 with a method of coating paper with light-sensitive iron salts, exposing the paper to sunlight, and then washing with water. The result was a cyanotype, named for one of the chemicals used, potassium ferricyanide, which […]

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