Short Timer

Welcome to my website and blog! This is a work in progress. I have more galleries to add, and more blog posts to write, but it is done enough for me to let you look at it.  Eventually, there will be a store attached where you can buy prints and other kinds of things (calendars). Just not quite yet. So if you’e interested in purchasing something before that is set up, drop me a line and let me know.

I’m beginning to feel like a short-timer. I’m starting to slough off a lot of things as unimportant, or something that can wait until December. My goal is to be completely clear of distractions when I go north so that the power of the landscape can have its way with me. I’m looking forward to it. I’m also a little scared.

In the meantime,  I have people to farewell in Portland, a studio open house to arrange in Seattle, a similar party and individual get togethers for Seattle as well as making sure my October travel plans in Iceland are not bolloxed. I will be busy. I am busy.

The next big thing is I leave for NYC Tuesday the 19th to see some friends, yes, but mostly to visit the Nicholas Roerich Museum on the Upper Westside. I’m still flummoxed as to how I missed this in all the years I lived on the same street, less than half  mile from it. And yet so it seems to be.

Painting of the Himalayas by Nicholas Roerich 1874 – 1947

It’s important to me to see this artist’s work because we share a particular kind of vision of landscape, and because I know that it’s impossible to really understand a painting from a digital reproduction. I need to see them in person. And also seeing friends, so the best of all worlds.

I’d also like a take a second to thank everyone who’s helped with advice, suggestions, proof reading, providing photos, editing of this website. If you’re me, it takes a village to create a website, and I am grateful to my village. Thank you.


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